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          The United States does not have exclusive ownership of the Mississippi River.  This is evidenced by the statutes within the United States Code (U.S.C.).  Let’s start with the Constitution at Article VI. 

           The first paragraph of Article VI of the Constitution reads as follows:

                    “All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before    the  Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United   States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.” 

          This simple paragraph lays waste to the commonly held opinion that the Articles of Confederation were simply abandoned with the ratification of the Constitution.  To understand the history of the United States one must study the official historical legislative documents of the United States. 

          After the revolution, the Peace Treaty of 1783 was made between the United States and Great Britain.  A copy of the Peace Treaty of 1783 is included:  Peace Treaty of 1783.  This was during the time that the Articles of Confederation were the governing law of the land.  Article 8 of the Peace Treaty of 1783 follows:

                    “The navigation of the river Mississippi, from its source to the ocean, shall forever remain free and open to the subjects of Great    Britain and the citizens of the United States.”  

           At the time that the Peace Treaty of 1783 was made, the Mississippi River was basically the western border of the new United States of America.  The Spanish, the French, and Great Britain were all still vying for the remaining land of the New World.

          President Thomas Jefferson secured the Louisiana Purchase on April 30, 1803, which concerned Louisiana and all the lands west of the Mississippi River that were in the possession of France.  France had no claim on the Mississippi River.  Therefore, under Article VI of the Constitution, the Mississippi River remains open to the subjects of Great Britain.

          In May of 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was created.  The TVA includes a dam on the Tennessee River in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The Tennessee River flows northwest into the Ohio River just about 45 miles before the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois.  The TVA therefore controls how much water will flow into the Mississippi River.

          Since Great Britain must always have free navigation of the Mississippi River, the TVA is jointly under the control of the Federal Government and Great Britain.

           The following are some of the statutes from the United States Code that evidence that the articles of the Peace Treaty of 1783 are still in effect.

          Under Title 28, “Judiciary and Judicial Procedure”, Part IV, “Jurisdiction and Venue”, Chapter 91, “United States Court of Federal Claims”, is Section 1491, “Claims against United States generally; actions involving Tennessee Valley Authority”.  The entire statute is included herein as Exhibit 2.  The first sentence from subsection (a) paragraph (1) of this statute follows: 

                    “The United States Court of Federal Claims shall have jurisdiction to render judgment upon any claim against the United States founded either upon the Constitution, or any Act of Congress, or any regulation of an executive department, or upon any express or  implied contract with the United States, or for liquidated or   unliquidated damages in cases not sounding in tort.” 

          Subsection (c) from this statute follows:

                    “Nothing herein shall be construed to give the United States Court of Federal Claims jurisdiction of any civil action within the        exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of International Trade, or of any   action against, or founded on conduct of, the Tennessee Valley      Authority, or to amend or modify the provisions of the Tennessee        Valley Authority Act of 1933 with respect to actions by or against         the Authority.”

          The reason that the United States Court of Federal Claims doesn’t have jurisdiction over the TVA is because of the fact that the United States doesn’t have exclusive ownership of the Mississippi River.  This explains why the term “Authority” is used in the TVA. 

          Under Title 41, “Public Contracts”, Chapter 9, “Contract Disputes”, is Section 602, “Applicability of law”.  The entire statute is included herein as Exhibit 3.  The second sentence of subsection (b) follows:

                    “Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, contracts of the Tennessee Valley Authority for the sale of fertilizer or electric power or related to the conduct or operation of the electric power system shall be excluded from the chapter.” 

          This statute has to do with executive agency contracts, but specifically has a subsection excluding the TVA because the United States doesn’t have exclusive ownership of the Mississippi River.

          Under Title 33, “Navigation and Navigable Waters”, Chapter 12, “River and Harbor Improvements Generally”, Subchapter 1, “General Provisions”, is Section 558c.  The entire statute is included herein as Exhibit 4.  This statute grants the power to the Secretary of the Army to establish rights-of-way concerning flood control improvements.  The last sentence from this section follows:

                    “Provided further, That the authority granted to the Secretary of the Army shall not extend to or include lands held or acquired by the Tennessee Valley Authority pursuant to the terms of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act (16 U.S.C. 831 et seq.).”

          Once again, here is evidence that the United States does not have exclusive ownership of the Mississippi River.

          Under Title 33, “Navigation and Navigable Waters”, Chapter 15, “Flood Control”, is Section 709, “Regulations for use of storage waters; application to Tennessee Valley Authority”.  This entire statute is included herein as Exhibit 5.

          Under Title 16, “Conservation”, Chapter 12A, “Tennessee Valley Authority”, is Section 831r, “Patents; access to Patent and Trademark Office and right to copy patents; compensation to patentees”.  This entire statute is included herein as Exhibit 6.  In essence, this statute gives the TVA access to anybody’s patent and trademark information.

          Why was the TVA created in 1933 to honor the Peace Treaty of 1783?

          The U.S. federal government was bankrupted by the Federal Reserve System in the 1930’s.  The evidence is published right in front of everyone, but no one ever takes the time to read the laws.  The correlation between the United States Code (U.S.C.) and the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) evidences the bankruptcy:  title 11 U.S.C., “Bankruptcy”, is implemented by title 11 C.F.R., “Federal Elections”.  The Federal Election Commission is charged with implementing the bankruptcy laws.  Your vote is simply to elect a bankruptcy “administration”. 

          The C.F.R. was created in the mid-1930’s to establish what agency would be responsible for each of the titles of the U.S.C.  There was no such thing as the C.F.R. before that time since there was no bankruptcy.

          The establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority was created contemporarily with bankruptcy to give credence to the Peace Treaty of 1783.  This is the evidence that the FED is simply working for Great Britain.  The precursors to the FED were sent here by Great Britain in order to re-establish control over the American colonies that had so ostentatiously established the United States.


          The above should have whet your appetite – it is from the memorandum “The United States Doesn’t Own the Mississippi River”.    

          Here are  some more things that the media has reported (as the government’s lapdog) without ever questioning the government’s pronouncements:

                        Do you know what Social Security really is?

          Even though the FED bankrupted the U.S. federal government with its counterfeit money loans, it still could not control the individual American.  Sovereignty lies with the individual American, not the federal government.  So the FED and its puppet, the U.S. federal government, created Social Security to complete the control over individual Americans. 

          You’ve been taught that Social Security is simply an insurance plan run by the federal government.  Actually, the “Form SS-5” that an applicant fills out to apply for a S.S. # is a federal employment form. 

          You’ve heard the name of the federal employee at least a thousand times.   You probably state with some kind of pride: “I’m a taxpayer”.  A “taxpayer” is a term defined in the Code as a member of the Merchant Marine – a federal employee.  Think about it – who is liable for federal employment taxes?  Federal employees are liable.  Go to to see the actual definition of “taxpayer” and other terms, such as, “U.S citizen” and “U.S. resident”.  Go to to read the entire Social Security Scam.

    What did the Supreme Court really say about the 16th Amendment?

           The Supreme Court decisions regarding the 16th Amendment have been intentionally misrepresented.  The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal” (and, of course, women), so no person or group of people may ever initiate force or fraud against another person or group of people.  The Constitution only grants the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians.  So when the media reported that the Supreme Court stated in its decisions that the federal government always had the power to tax income, they conveniently ignored the commerce clause ramifications.  The Supreme Court also ruled several times that the 16th Amendment conferred no new taxing provisions to the federal government.  So, whatever income that was subject to an income tax must have been within the federal government’s jurisdiction to begin with as the Supreme Court stated.  See the Post on this Blog at to find out exactly what the Supreme Court has stated concerning the 16th Amendment.

                What is the jurisdiction of the internal revenue laws? 

          Actually, “internal revenue” is a part of the customs.  It’s therefore within the foreign commerce jurisdiction.  Customs gains revenue for the government by collecting importing duties from foreign countries.  Internal revenue gains revenue for the government by collecting importing duties from the U.S. possessions – thus a source of “internal revenue”.  Go to http/  to learn about the actual jurisdiction of the internal revenue laws.

                        To whom exactly does the income tax apply? 

          The income tax was created by an Act of Congress back in 1861.  Go to to read the actual statute and find out to whom it applies.

  What gave the federal government control over medicine and drugs? 

          The medicine and drug laws are all within the internal revenue laws – they are, therefore, based upon importing.  Go to to see how the laws have been written to hide the underlying importing requirements.

                      Learn how to read the Internal Revenue Code

          Go to and learn how to find the source of liability for the income tax.  It is nothing like you have been led to believe.





          I have written a memorandum titled “The United States Doesn’t Own the Mississippi River” which exposes the entire history of the New World.  What Americans have been taught is a fairy tale.  Please go to this web site for more details and while you are there look at what this site is offering to help you establish your own sovereignty and escape from all of the adhesion contracts that you have unwittingly signed over your lifetime: 




  1. Has your memorandum “The United States Doesn’t Own the Mississippi River” been renamed “The New World Order” on the site that is selling it?

    • Yes, the CD title is the “New World Order”. It contains the memorandum “The United States Doesn’t Own the Mississippi River” and all the exhibits from official government sites.

  2. Get a clue dude. Treaty of Ghent. We own the river ya nut.

    • Treaty of Ghent (1814) restored the boundaries as they were before the War of 1812. But as I have already pointed out, the Treaty of 1783 made the Mississippi River the western boundary of the U.S. and stated that citizens of Great Britain would always have free access. When President Jefferson approved the Louisiana Purchase he stated that he wasn’t sure if he had the power to enact it. That’s because the Louisiana Purchase bought the land west of the Mississippi River but did not include the river itself. The TVA was built in Mussels Shoals in Alabama to control the southern Mississippi River(from where the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River), since the Tennessee River dumps into the Ohio River just before the Ohio dumps into the Mississippi. That’s why the TVA cannot be sued in federal court. Nothing on this blog is supposition, it’s all from the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution.

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