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Federal Case #08-273 (WDPA) Defendant's Reply

This reply in Federal Case #08-273 (WDPA) exhibits the actual laws behind Social Security and the personal income tax. This is the actual docket entry in the federal court case and, therefore, is public domain – anyone may access this document.


  1. see Rabang vs. INS and cases cited therein and cases citing it for explanation of 14th amendment citizenship. Territorial or possession citizen is not a 14th amendment citizen.

    • Josie Wales,
      You are correct – a U.S. possession (or territorial) citizen is NOT a “U.S. citizen”. Only a person born in one of the States who then establishes a residence in the U.S. possessions and, further, acquires U.S. possession citizenship is a “U.S. citizen”. See 26 USC section 2208 or section 2501(b). The actual exemplification of a “U.S. citizen” is found in the regulations at 26 CFR 25.2501-1(c).
      The Form 1040 is actually listed in the IRS 6209 manual as a “gift tax” form. This is because you applied voluntarily for a S.S.#. If it wasn’t voluntary the government would have automatically assigned it. Since the Form 1040 is a gift tax form, that’s where the exemplification of what a “U.S. citizen” is found.
      The 14th Amendment citizen was created to allow the courts to write decisions that include both U.S. possession citizens and “U.S. citizens” in their rulings. This is to make it appear that somehow the federal courts now have jurisdiction over everyone.
      The “U.S. citizen” is a fraud, just like the entire Social Security Scam. – Larry

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